Classic Cooper

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ENGINE: 1293cc A+ Engine with 1.75 SU Carburettor, Minidivision built and Aldon tuned - 85 bhp and 89 lb/ft.

GEARBOX: 4 speed standard A+ gearset with a centre oil pick up pipe and 3.44/1 final drive ratio.

BRAKES: Front disc brakes with roadspec EBC pads, standard rear drums with Mintex linings, braided flexible hoses at all 4 corners.

SUSPENSION: New geniune suspension rubbers with 'adjusta ride' adjustable trumpets, Kayaba Gas adjust dampers, all bushes updated and alloy front suspension mountings.

WHEELS / TYRES: Original Cooper S steel wheels - 4.5 x 10 with 165/70/10 Yokohama A-032 Super Soft Tyres.

INTERIOR: Complete original Mini 40 mulberry red leather interior with a full width walnut dashboard and rev counter.

About the car...

Another customer car, this mini's specification was chosen by it's owner, a local lady and mini enthusiast who has been a customer for 15 years. We have looked after her previous four mini's and she decided it was time to invest in building her dream mini, incorporating all her favourite aspects of the classic mini. Who better to visualise and build her ideal mini than Minidivision, with tried and tested knowledge, skill and attention to detail.

The colours were to be the traditional BK1 Black Roof with Old English White body giving the Cooper 'S' look. As the car was going to be driven into Manchester City Centre everyday, the decision to have Mk 4 rear lights was an easy one, however good the earlier lights would have looked, the car needed to be seen properly on dark wet mornings. At the front we decided on the lovely Mk 1 Morris Grill and moustache look with simple overriders. Interior choice was a little harder, wanting something modern and comfortable that could still be used everyday, whilst maintaining that classic car look and luckily we tracked down the ultra rare genuine 'Mini 40 Mulberry' red leather seats, door cards and top dash rail which gives a very classic look, reminiscent of old Mk 2 Jaguars.

The car was built between June 2005 and December 2005, with a build time of around 5 months. Once built, the car was put into daily use driving from South Manchester to Manchester City Centre daily and parked on the road!

The drive is very much what we wanted, the 1293cc MG Metro spec engine gives 85bhp and when coupled to a 3.44 diff, gives great town and 'A' road performance. The 10" Cooper 'S' wheels give the car great grip and poise with the Yokohama A032R tyres and Cooper 'S' brake set up give good confidence in busy city centre streets.

The mini has been used for around 4 years now and still possesses 100% reliability and looks fresh and clean as the day it was completed.