Scalextric Mini

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ENGINE: 1380 A+ Engine, Swiftune Road Rocket specification, 100bhp and 96 lb/ft.

GEARBOX: Minispares/Trans X 5 speed syncromesh gear cluster built into a new casing with central oil pick up pipe and cross pin differential.

BRAKES: 212mm Front vented discs with 4 pot callipers, standards rear drums, all powdercoated.

SUSPENSION: Uprated suspension bushes front and rear, Koni dampers, hi-lo suspension trumpets, adjustable tie bars, alloy front subframe mtg's.

WHEELS / TYRES: Compomotive Bavarian 5.5 x 13 black alloy wheels with Yokohama A048 175/50/13 tyres.

INTERIOR: Nurburgring classic half leather seats, custom red headlining, Newton Commercial carpets, flocked central dash binnacle, switch panel and steering column surround, bare dash rails with matching white powdercoated heater box, pedal box and pedals. Full 4 speaker stereo system.

About the car...

This mini started as a design concept based on the 1980 Scalextric Mini Clubman Slot Car Model, we had wondered whether the striking design of the Scalextric 1275 GT could be used on the traditional mini front. Drawings and design ideas were produced and from these the real full size item could start to come to life. As the design is based on white, red and black, we decided to incorporate these colours into other aspects of the car such as suspension, the engine bay and the interior. The car, although styled, was to have a relatively minimalist finish by hiding away extras such as the stereo system and wiring loom to give a smoother hot rod type look.

A new bodyshell with doors, bootlid and bonnet were purchased along with the 1000's of other associated parts to build the car into better than new condition. The mini was dry built to ensure everything fitted so that the build up, when painted, would be exact. It is important to try everything, but it was at this stage that we needed to decide which wheels and tyres to use, as getting the clearances right so that they don't rub in use is critical. We chose Compomotive Bavarian Wheels in black with 175/50/13 tyres with a slick type profile, perfect for Scalextric! We decided to cut the front arches and also tub the rear wheelarches for more clearance. Curley Miglia type wheelarches were used to cover and were an excellent match for the model. Paintwork was carried out by our paintshop with the white being laid down first followed by the distinctive red and black design, a task not for the faint-hearted! Finally, when dry the clear coat was added for a fantastic shine.

The specification for the mini required it to have a late 1970's feel to the interior, we chose the Momo Prototipo steering wheel in leather with silver detail to match the Italian handmade Nurburgring RS seats, which are black leather with corduroy centres, the rear seat is re-trimmed to match. The polished handles complement the steering wheel while the black flocked dash panel, with matching column surround and switch panel paired with the custom red headlining give a sporty feel, matching the Scalextric image. To finish off the interior, a modern 4 speaker powered stereo is installed, mostly hidden with audiophile sound quality.

We wanted the underneath mechanicals to be up to date as possible, with thought to styling and colours also a priority. Brakes are powerful with 4 piston front callipers with vented discs and Cooper 'S' rear drums, all with Goodridge hosing. The Engine is a Swiftune Road Rocket 1380cc, 100bhp and makes this mini go!

0-60 takes around 6.5 seconds and when coupled to the 5 speed trans-x gearbox gives a theoretical top speed of 118mph, with relaxed cruising in the 80-90mph range.

The mini has turned out really sharp, just like our concept drawings and is quite literally, brand new. All it needs now is a new owner... It could be you...