Supercharged Mini

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ENGINE: 1310cc A+ Engine Supercharged, Swiftune built and dyno run at 125 bhp and 120 lb/ft.

GEARBOX: 4 speed Minispares straight-cut / close-ratio gearset with straight-cut drop gears and salisbury type LSD/3 44/1.

BRAKES: 212mm Front vented discs, slotted and drilled with Mintex 1144 Pad Material, standard rear with Minifin alloy drums and Mintex shoes, braided Goodridge hose throughout with stainless fittings.

SUSPENSION: Uprated Monte Carlo spec suspension rubbers with geniune hi-lo's and Motorsport spec Spax dampers all round, all bushes uprated and alloy front subframe mountings.

WHEELS / TYRES: Genuine Minilite 5 x 12 in gold with 165/55/12 Yokohama A-048 Super Soft Tyres.

INTERIOR: Motordrive made to measure bucket seats with 4 point harness, hidden quality stereo system, custom dash with Lambda Meter Guage, fully sound proofed.

About the car...

We set out to create a Mini with ample power to make a car that was easy to drive on tight B roads but still manageable in heavy traffic. The car was to look like a Mk 2 Cooper S with the classic tartan red and black roof and to be finished like an enthusiasts car that might have been modified in the early 70's. We decided that we should use a Supercharger to gain the extra horsepower with no loss of driveability.

So with these ideas and a concept sketch we started on the build which took 5 months, between January to May 2006. This was the time it took from starting work on the bodyshell to getting the car MOT'd and running on the road.

Since then, the mini has exceeded all expectations, the power band is very wide which gives the car excellent pulling power from 2000 rpm upwards all the way to the rev limit of 7500 rpm. The soundproofing fitted to the car along with a carefully built straight cut gearbox means that although it isn't silent inside it is remarkably quiet for such a specification. The seats and harnesses keep you well anchored and secure making the driving experience feel very communicative. The car has a very strong Q car feel to it and is very original to look at. Only the exhaust note, a little like a Spitfire, can give the game away!

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