Rally Mini

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ENGINE: 1380cc A+ Engine, Steel Crank, Ultralight Steel Flywheel, 45 DCOE Weber Carburetor, Swiftune built and dyno run at 128bhp and 108 lb/ft.

GEARBOX: 4 speed Swiftune, Swift Shift Dog Engagement Gearbox with KAD quickshift gear lever, extension brought into car with helicopter joints, Quaife ATB differential with 3.65/1 final ratio.

BRAKES: 200mm vented front discs with KAD alloy 4 pot callipers and Mintex M1155 pad material rear KAD disc conversion with sliding alloy callipers. KAD bias pedal box with on-clash adjuster and upright WRC style hydraulic handbrake.

SUSPENSION: Front uprated Monte Carlo spec suspension rubbers with hi-lo's and AVO 2 way adjustable alloy telescopic dampers. Dampers and all suspension joints rod-ended. Rear Minispares alloy beam axle with KAD alloy rear trailing arms, AVO 2 way coil over dampers with bespoke turrets.

WHEEKS / TYRES: 4.5 x 10 Minilites, motorsport type with sleeve nuts, with 165/70/10 Yokohama tyres.

About the car...

This mini was the brainchild of myself, with my motorsport background, mainly rallying and my passion for mini's, I always wanted to combine a modern group A rally car with the classic mini design. The car had to look as standard as possible from afar, with no wheel arches and 10" wheels. This combination was going to prove quite difficult in obtaining the required performance! The build was started in 2005 with the fitting of the FIA roll cage, followed by seat mountings and harness points, overall the shell preparation took around 10 months as there are more modifications than there is space here! Fitting and obtaining all other bespoke parts, took around another 15 months and the car was painted in January 2008. Once back from the paintshop, the car was built and due to the advantages of a dry build, was running in around 3 weeks.

To try and give an overall view of the car, I will take you through different areas of the car and point out notes of interest. In the boot, the first thing to notice is the carbon bootlid on quick release fasteners, the big silver box is the Fuel Bag Tank, with fuel pump and regulator submerged inside. The alloy box is designed to hold the bag, it doesn't hold the fuel! This sits on a carbon fibre boot floor panel, with the coilover suspension turrets sitting either side, a strut brace completes the picture.

Inside, the Motordrive bucket seats dominate with Willans 6 point 3" harnesses. A lifeline plumbed in extinguisher and Red Top 40 battery hide underneath the helmet net in the back, behind the seats. The rear shelf panel and Curley dashboard are flocked to reduce glare. In the front there is the 180o rear view mirror with 4 separate mirrors, a hydraulic upright handbrake and the stack digital display system. Carbon fibre front floor panels protect the floor while the co-driver also gets a carbon footrest with extra horn push - new co-driver!

A Peltor Intercom system helps over distance to communicate without shouting, although with a careful build the mini is remarkably quiet and refined. Undo the quick release pins on the carbon bonnet to reveal the Swiftune A+ Engine, 1380cc with 128bhp, Goodridge hoses for fuel and oil, Samco for water hoses. Ceramic coated exhaust and inlet manifolds, 45 dcoe Weber Carb, Aldon distributor, Brise starter motor and breather tank, Mocal Oil Cooler, KAD bias pedal box and all the small detail touches to keep the car together! Gearbox is the Swiftune dog engagement gearbox with Quaife A.T.B. The gearchange is very fast and positive with the dogs almost pulling the car into gear as you move the KAD quickshift lever, which has been mounted along with it's linkage to the inside the car, giving better exhaust clearance.

The car is fantastic, feeling light and nimble but also extremely stable at high speed and under heavy braking, performance, around a circuit is quick with corner speeds high due to the light weight (around 580kgs) and AVO double adjustable dampers, all in all a great package - the ultimate wolf in sheeps clothing.

The car has turned out as good as I had hoped for, looking classic but still FIA competition legal and still a full on competition car, with all the sensations to match.

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