Street Racer

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ENGINE: 1380cc A Series with a 1.75" SU Carburettor, Minidivision built and Aldon tuned - 96 bhp and 92 lb/ft.

GEARBOX: 4 speed 1275 GT close ratio gearset with a centre oil pick up pipe and 3.44/1 final drive ratio.

BRAKES: 212mm front cented discs, Tarox grovved with Mintex 1144 pad material, standard rear with Minifin alloy drums and Mintex shoes, braided Goodridge hose throughout with stainless steel fittings.

SUSPENSION: Standard suspension rubbers with adjustable trumpets, Minispares lowered adjustable dampers, rear arches - tubbed, uprated suspension rubbers and alloy front subframe mountings.

WHEELS / TYRES: Original Rover Mini 'Hot Road' type 5.5 x 13 wheels with 175/50/13 Yokohama A539 performance tyres.

INTERIOR: Paul Smith original dashboard, Newton Commercial Trim, Metro GTI front seats re-trimmed in black/blue with blue headlining.

About the car...

This mini was the brainchild of it's owner. He admired the cal specification but was also inspired by the Rover Hot Rod Mini. He opted for the very low look with smooth sports pack arches and Team Dynamics DTM 13" wheels. The colour of the car was taken from the orange detailing on the "Hot Rod" mini. Adding to the custom look is the contrasting black features replacing traditional chrome which gives the car a clean strong look.

The car was built between January 1999 to September 1999, and was based on a 1988 1.0 Mini City. Once completed it was used daily about town.

The engine being a 1380 cc with a 266 Kent Cam, gives a good low down torque and good horsepower, the 3.44 diff ratio is perfect when mated with the 1275 GT close ratio gearset and gives excellent acceleration with a potential top speed of around 108 mph at 6200rpm. The rear tubbed wheel arches give better clearance for wheel travel and along with extensively re-shaped front wings, guarantee there is no wheel arch to tyre noises!

The interior is something else! The bright blue headlining along with matching seats set the Paul Smith dashboard off perfectly, with a Momo type 78 black suede steering wheel finishing off the picture . All subframes and fittings are custom powder coated* blue to match the interior, a big surprise to some as there is not much of a hint of blue from the outside. All in all a very nice car with loads of grunt.

* A service we offer