Steve & Emma Bennett - Mini 66

OMG Steve Jobs killed Ken Burns!


ENGINE: 998cc A+ Engine with 1.5” SU Carb detailed with powder coated parts and Samco high performance water hoses.

GEARBOX: 4 speed standard A series ‘magic wand’ change type.

BRAKES: Front Cooper ‘S’ disc brakes, with spaced Cooper ‘S’ style rear drums.

SUSPENSION: New genuine suspension rubbers, Kayala gas adjust dampers, all bushes renewed, original solid front subframe with twin bolt towers.

WHEELS / TYRES: Mini Sport new 4.5 x 10 Cooper wheels with Yokohama 165/70/10 A008 tyres – wheels have correct Cooper ‘S’ offset enabling fitment without wheel arches.

INTERIOR: Original green interior with new door cards and flocked central instrument binnacle. Complete new wiring loom.

About the car...

This is a customer’s mini that we had a rather different kind of design brief. The mini had been painted and the interior already installed, the customers had bought the mini in this condition and it looked good. The underneath and engine bay was a different story as it was looking tired compared with the rest of the vehicle, so the brief was to rejuvenate the suspension, clean, repair and then seal and paint the underside and engine bay metalwork.

The engine/gearbox unit, both subframes and all ancillary parts including wiper motor and pedal box were removed whilst keeping the outside and inside of the mini in pristine condition which is not an easy task!

The customers, a married couple, also wanted something a little different in the respect of finish. They wanted the classic mini colours of powder coated black subframes and BMC Green engine paint but with a red, white and blue theme, leaving it to Minidivision to design how this would work in the engine bay. This could easily have ended up looking a little ‘cartoon like’ but with consideration to the classic looks we got all the parts togetheron the floor and visualised the finished look. By not putting two colours together but keeping the red, white and blue theme and with the philosophy of less is more, we think we have put together a great looking engine bay that follows the design brief but it doesn’t look over done.

The black paintwork in the engine bay, as specified by the customers, helps the detail to 'pop'. Samco were approached in making a set of water hoses for the mini, at that time they did not offer a 998cc mini kit, so we sent them a set of standard hoses as templates. They then worked their magic and in two weeks we had a lovely set of red water hoses, the last finishing touch to a patriotic engine bay.

The underneath of the mini is also black, although with the addition of almond green sills, rear wheel arches and front inner wings that give the mini that original look.

Overall we are very pleased with the way this mini came out and think that the work carried out by Minidivision compliments the already built and painted car.