Showcase of our cars...

Scalextric Mini

This mini started as a design concept based on the 1980 Scalextric Mini Clubman Slot Car Model, we had wondered whether the striking design of the Scalextric 1275 GT could be used on the traditional mini front. Drawings and design ideas were produced and from these the real full size item could start to come to life.

Rally Mini

This mini was the brainchild of myself, with my motorsport background, mainly rallying and my passion for mini's, I always wanted to combine a modern group A rally car with the classic mini design. The car had to look as standard as possible from afar, with no wheel arches and 10" wheels. This combination was going to prove quite difficult in obtaining the required performance!

Supercharged Mini

We set out to create a Mini with ample power to make a car that was easy to drive on tight B roads but still manageable in heavy traffic. The car was to look like a Mk 2 Cooper S with the classic tartan red and black roof and to be finished like an enthusiasts car that might have been modified in the early 70's. We decided that we should use a Supercharger to gain the extra horsepower with no loss of driveability.

Classic Cooper

This mini's specification was chosen by it's owner, a local lady and mini enthusiast who has been a customer for 15 years. We have looked after her previous four mini's and she decided it was time to invest in building her dream mini, incorporating all her favourite aspects of the classic mini. Who better to visualise and build her ideal mini than Minidivision, with tried and tested knowledge, skill and attention to detail.

Street Racer

This mini was the brainchild of it’s owner. He admired the cal specification but was also inspired by the Rover Hot Rod Mini. He opted for the very low look with smooth sports pack arches and Team Dynamics DTM 13” wheels. The colour of the car was taken from the orange detailing on the “Hot Rod” mini. Adding to the custom look is the contrasting black features replacing traditional chrome which gives the car a clean strong look.

Mini 66

This is a customerís mini that we had a rather different kind of design brief. The mini had been painted and the interior already installed, the customers had bought the mini in this condition and it looked good. The underneath and engine bay was a different story as it was looking tired compared with the rest of the vehicle, so the brief was to rejuvenate the suspension, clean, repair and then seal and paint the underside and engine bay metalwork.

Clubman Estate

This Mini was brought to us in 2010 for us to have a look at the bodywork...
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