Clubman Estate

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ENGINE: 1150cc A-Series Engine with single 1.5" HSA Carb, built by Swiftune. 71 bhp, 76 lb/ft torque.

GEARBOX: 4 Speed standard A-Series with uprated twin-pin differential and 3.1 ratio final drive.

BRAKES: Front Cooper 'S' disc brakes, with Cooper 'S' style rear drums.

SUSPENSION: MiniSport 'Moulton Smootha Ride' suspension kit, with uprated dampers and adjustable ride height.

WHEELS / TYRES: Early 1275GT 4.5x10 Rostyle Wheels, with Yokohama A008 165/70/10 tyres.

INTERIOR: Corbeau front sports seats with matching back seat, original 2 clock Clubman dashboard and Minidivison front speaker enclosures.

About the car...

This Mini was brought to us in 2010 for us to have a look at the bodywork. Owned by the present owner for the last 20 years, the Mini had had 3 bodywork restorations carried out while the Mini has been in his ownership. The first two times by himself and a friend and finally by Somerford Minis in 1998. The Mini had survived the last 12 years in great condition and no welding was needed other than a replacement drivers wing due to accident damage, repaired by Somerford in 2005.

Our brief was to replace both the left hand and right hand front floorpans upto the door step lip. The right hand outer sill panel and the left hand front wing. The owner wanted the repairs to look honest, so no body filler was used, just butt-jointed, smoothed then sealed with seam sealer applied using masked edges to give a clean finish. The owner also wanted the body mounting points and other add-ons removed from under the floor pan, not original but as the owner uses his Mini nearly every day he wanted to remove any rust traps to try and keep the tin-worm at bay! Nearly all the panel replacement jobs also needed adjoining panels to be repaired - headlamp panel, front panel, doorstep etc., all had to be repaired before fitment of new panels, all achieved without the use of body filler, just a small amount of stopper before painting. The finished result looks great with another 20 years of life left in her.

A new 1098cc engine is planned over the winter of 2011/2012 which should stop the oiling of No.3 cylinder every now and again and provide a bit more useful grunt, coupled with a 3.44 diff ratio and 10” wheels, it’s a little lost above 70mph.

Update: The Clubman Estate had now had its new Swiftune engine fitted and Wow! What a flyer! With 75bhp and 74lbft of torque, from its rebuilt and fettled 1098cc engine, still with the single HS4 SU carburettor and plastic air filter box!

The Mini now really goes, with a 3.1 diff ratio, the estate is now really flexible with easy cruising at motorway speeds and impressive in gear acceleration. The owner also took the opportunity to rebuild the front subframe while the engine unit was out, which ended up with the bulkhead and engine bay in general being refreshed while we were there! A small amount of rust was also found in the right hand inner wing near the damper mounting, this was repaired while access was good – extra pictures of these repairs can be found at out Facebook group site ‘Minidivision’.